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The Yoga Swing is one of my most favorite products to talk about. It's amazing for the spine and helping to create traction which helps to almost immediately reduce back pain by pulling the spine apart.

Being inverted helps to increase circulation and it's a great way to help move lymphatic fluid and oxygenate your blood.

Being limber, strong and flexible in your core and back is something this Yoga Trapeze can help you achieve.

The power of inversion is amazing and with this yoga trapeze you can combine inversions (where your hips are above your heart) with resistance training and stretching. It helps to increase blood flow, circulation, strengthen muscles and so much more.

  • Instant traction on your spine (within minutes)

  • Relief of back pain and possibly sciatica

  • Core strength development

  • Deeper backbends, shoulder tension release

  • Functional upper body and full body strength

What to wear?
Recommended to wear a long sleeve t-shirt, long or 3/4-inch pants that is not loose.Zip-lock and other protruding decorations free, to not to damage the hammock.Please make sure you are not wearing any jewelries during the class!Be barefoot.Bring water and towels with yourself.

Exclusions:These classes are not suitable for people who has the following conditions:• epilepsy• high blood pressure• cataracts• hemophiliaIf you have any other disease or injury we have to know about please tell as. Then we can be sure that we give you the right exercises.There is no problem to join to the class when you’re in your period. This class especially made for you! We warmly welcome you to our class.At the first time, please arrive 10-15 min earlier.

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